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  The current PEPS version is divided in modules. Each module implements one step in a compilation/solution phase.  This page divides the PEPS modules in three groups: Interface, Data Strucutres, and Solution Methods.

The full version (all modules)  and your manual are in:
The older version of PEPS tools can be downloaded in old peps page.

Basic Modules

The basic modules implements the most current methods used in PEPS and were hardly tested.


The interface modules implement first step in the model compilation phase.  Theses modules reconize a high level model description and create the Full Markovian Descriptor  files.

  • Compile_san -  Simple high level model descriptor interpretor. 

Data Structures

The data structures modules implemented in PEPS can be divided in two large grups. The first group uses a Kronecker (tensor) format and the second one uses a sparse matrix format  (HBF). Each group and theirs modules implementation are described below.

Kronecker structures :

  • Compile dsc - This module transforms the Full Markovian Descriptor in Sparse Markovian Descriptor.
  • Normalize dsc - Normalize the Sparse Markovian Descriptor.

HBF strucutres :

  • Gen_hbf - Generate an equivalent Markov Chain from the SAN model.

Solution Methods

The PEPS2007 tool implements two groups of methods to analitycal solution of a SAN model. The first group works with a kronecker format and the second sgroup works with a sparse format (HBF).

Kronecker structures :

  • Solve_cnd - Implements solution methods for kronecker structures.. Two modules have been developed.

HBF structures :

  • Solve_HBF - Implements solution methods for HBF structures.

Extended Modules

The extended modules implements some special feature that were not include in basic modules. Each new technique, idea, method, etc. will implemented as an extended module.  The module developer is responsable for  each extended module include in this page.


  • Compile_PHsan - Extended version of Compile_san with facilities  to PH distribution description.

Data Structures

  • Compile_dsc_MDD - Extended version of Compile_dsc with RSS generation using multi-valued decision diagrams (MDD).