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Normalize DSC

In this step, the Sparse Markovian Descriptor is converted to a Continuous Normalized Descriptor. This convertion  consists in two parts, to normalize all Sparse Markovian Descriptor matrices and to remove all diagonal elements.  In the second part, we remove the diagonal elements of the local matrices and all synchronizing adjust matrices to generate a diagonal vector with all theses elements.  This technique improves the perfomance of the solutions methods developed in PEPS.

Theses modules also make some model analysis like the reachablility space state analysis, replacement of the functions with constant value by constant (reduce functions evaluations in solution time), normal factors multiplication order generation, etc.

The Section 5.1.2 in PEPS2007 manual descrives theses modules.

PEPS2007 implements two versions of this module.  One uses extended vectors and other uses sparse vectors.

Modules Download:

  • norm_dsc_ex - Sparse Markovian Descriptor normalizer (extended vectors)
  • norm_dsc_sp - Sparse Markovian Descriptor normalizer (sparse vectors)