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PEPS is a software which allows to solve numerically very large Markov Chains. It uses an input interface based on Stochastic Automata Networks (SAN), a compact storage for the transition matrix of the Markov Chain and tensor algebra to handle the basic vector matrix multiplication. Solution methods are iterative.

 Key Features

  • Provides a powerful and modular interface, the SAN
  • Generates automatically very large Markov Chain transition matrices
  • Allows a very compact storage and can generate sparse format (Marca compatible)
  • Offers various numerical strategies to improve the time/space trade-off (grouping and lumping)
  • Includes several numerical iterative methods, with or without preconditionning
  • Computes performances indexes from steady-state and transient probability vector

Application Area

  • telecommunications
  • computer performance modeling
  • distributed and parallel systems
  • software engineering
  • finite queueing networks (with blocking, priorities, contention, etc.)